Training Services

We offer open and transparent pricing.

  • We specialize in Predatory Aggression/Fear Aggression counter conditioning
  • Puppy Imprinting
  • Potty training; teething; mouthing cessation
  • Basic on-lease, intermediate to advanced off leash obedience
  • Problem behavior resolution: biting, jumping, barking, door bolting, digging, mounting, marking, counter surfing, pushy/nosey behavior
  • Supervised socialization of insecure dogs that are unsure of other dogs and people
  • Dog training for elderly and disabled – seeing eye dog etc.
  • Advanced training including: search and rescue, footstep tracking, article detection, controlled aggression, assistance therapy, hunting training
  • Separation Anxiety

Fee for services:

  • 80.00 per one hour lesson
  • 240.00 per three one hour lessons
  • 385.00 per five one hour lessons
  • 525.00 for a 7 day bootcamp intensive behavior modification
  • Free in home evaluation prior to engagement.
    • This in home visit will allow me to observe your pet and provide a detailed and custom training plan to address any specific needs and requests.
  • Advance obedience demonstration following any consultation
  • Any follow up sessions are discounted
  • Aggression counter conditioning training fees are based on the severity of aggression