We all love puppies, they’re the cutest little mess-makers in the world, and from house to obedience training, this is the time to tackle it all!

If you opened your heart and home to a Rescue dog that might be a few years older and maybe had a hard beginning in life and wasn’t trained on these basic or even more advanced obedience behavior issues, no matter the size of the dog or the challenge, we can help!

Owner and head trainer, Ret. Sgt. Joshua T Brown, received his own training serving his country for nearly a decade in the War in Iraq as a U.S. Army Military Police Canine Handler, serving 2 tours in Iraq, including one attached to a Special Forces deployment as unit K9 handler and 1 in Korea, providing him invaluable skills that translate to civilian dog training in an effective and efficient manner with all breeds of every size no matter the issue.  Common challenges he’s helped clients solve include addressing dog-to-human interactions, separation anxiety, incessant barking, dog park-and-walking issues including everything from pulling on the leash to dog-to-dog aggression and much more.

After graduating post-service over a decade ago from award-winning AAA Crown Dog Training Academy, he has spent the past 12 years working as a certified Canine Training and Behavior Specialist, he offers one-on-one, in-home training geared toward teaching your dog how to be the best-behaved one in the neighborhood, dog park, doggie-day-care, or anywhere else you travel with yours.  In the long term, he’s had great success over multiple clients and breeds in teaching new obedience skills and eliminating problem behaviors that are adversely affecting

Equally important are the knowledge and skills that each client as dog owner will be equipped with to address each dog’s problem behaviors as they arise and the confidence to be the Leader in your pack!the life of dog and owners.

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We cannot recommend Josh enough as a trainer!  When we picked up a Boerboel pup, the breeder laughed that we were crazy for adding a large breed dog to a home with 3 year old twins.  And although Paul and I have always owned dogs, a guardian breed was new to us.  Around the same time, I was fortunate enough to meet Josh and what a blessing that was! He came to our home to meet all of us and Shuri; immediately, he involved our whole family, including our little ones who 2 years later can still have a dog triple their size listen to them! He always involved everyone and could pick up on behaviors from us and Shuri that we wouldn’t have ever seen. His style and skills are top notch! Not to mention, having him come to our home for us, was a huge benefit! Shuri immediately responded and connected to Josh, just as much as all of us did! Shuri is a fantastic dog that is a part of our family and listens well, which we have Josh to thank for!  We recently added to our crew with another Boerboel and can’t wait to work with Josh on some behaviors we know we need assistance with.  

Jane Paul Paige and Keri Keefer

“…I came home early and had the treat of working with Josh as he conducted the training session.  He is just terrific.  We are so lucky to have him getting our “child” on the right path”

McLean VA Customer

“We were first time dog owners, and we—not just the dog!…learned so much from Josh. He not only taught Dixie basic commands, but also helped us work through her separation anxiety, sticking with us every step of the way. 

Josh was knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. He shows an incredible talent in working with dogs.”

Tiffany Vogel – Barnesville, MD 

“We have a high energy Irish Setter and Josh helped us puppy train, teach respect of  boundaries,& leash control.   We now have a dog we can enjoy.”

Jim & Mildred Callear -Dickerson, Maryland